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what is this i don't even [userpic]
by what is this i don't even (littlestclouds)
at October 19th, 2007 (04:51 am)

current mood: tired

Name: Alex
Age: 24
Location: Detroit
Favorite Team(s): Detroit Tigers
Team(s) You Dislike: I don't really actively dislike any team. Well, okay, probably the White Sox.
Favorite Player(s): Vance Wilson, Justin Verlander, Joel Zumaya, Curtis Granderson, Jair Jurrjens, Dan Haren, Mike Piazza, Kyle Farnsworth, have recently taken notice of Jonathan Papelbon, and that he's quite insane.
Player(s) You Dislike: I don't really dislike any players, tbh.
Favorite Ballpark(s): Comerica Park obviously, and BankOne Ballpark/Chase Field. Well, the only two I've ever been to. lol.
What's One of Your Favorite Baseball Memories? Obviously Magglio's walkoff HR to win the 2006 ALCS, and the second to last game of the 2003 season, when the Tigers avoided tying the 1962 Mets' record for W/L.
Any Final Words? Tigers in '08!

Lissa [userpic]
Here's me
by Lissa (lissachicka)
at October 18th, 2007 (08:08 pm)

Name: Lissa
Age: 28
Location: Wisconsin
Favorite Team(s): Milwaukee Brewers (what can I say? I'm a homer!)
Team(s) You Dislike: New York Yankees (sorry houseofknaus...)
Favorite Player(s): Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Jim Gantner (former 2nd baseman for the Brewers), Gorman Thomas (former DH), Prince Fielder, and pretty much any insane closer. Again, what can I say?
Player(s) You Dislike: Barry Bonds
Favorite Ballpark(s): The Old Busch Stadium, Comerica Park, and Miller Park. Granted, those are the only three baseball stadiums I've been to that weren't named Milwaukee County Stadium, but...XD
What's One of Your Favorite Baseball Memories? Going to the Brewers/Giants game this summer when Bonds was at 754. I have a very blurry picture of a sign that thanked Bonds for ruining baseball, and 3/4 of my section had a sheet of 8 by 10 paper with a giant asterisk on it and were waiving it at Bonds during his final at-bat.
Any Final Words? If anyone has any time, pick up either Ron Luciano's book "The Umpire Strikes Back" or Ken Kaiser's book "Planet of the Umps". Those are two of my favorite baseball books, and proof that you have to be a little goofy to be an umpire. XD

*Knaus* [userpic]
by *Knaus* (houseofknaus)
at October 17th, 2007 (11:39 pm)

Name: Amanda
Age: 25
Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Favorite Team(s): Yankees, Phillies
Team(s) You Dislike: Boston
Favorite Player(s): Chase Utley, Cole Hamels
Player(s) You Dislike: A-Rod, Johnny Damon,
Favorite Ballpark(s): Citizens Bank Park, Yankee Stadium
What's One of Your Favorite Baseball Memories? "LET'S SEE SOME OF THAT HUSTLE, PAT!!"
Any Final Words? New York native, Pennsylvania transplant. Was there for the Phillies' 10,000th loss as well as the very moment they clinched the NL East. It was electric, boogie oogie oogie.

KyBu's only Legal American Fan [userpic]
Intro Post!
by KyBu's only Legal American Fan (panda_check)
at October 17th, 2007 (11:37 pm)

current mood: calm

Name: Manda
Age: 22
Location: Lehigh Valley, PA
Favorite Team(s): Philadelphia Phillies, LA Dodgers, Oakland A's, Boston Red Sox
Team(s) You Dislike: New York Yankees, New York Mets, Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros
Favorite Player(s): Mike Lieberthal, Randy Wolf, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Rich Harden, Mark Mulder
Player(s) You Dislike: Pat Burrell! Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Matt Holliday
Favorite Ballpark(s): Veterans Stadium, Citizens Bank Park
What's One of Your Favorite Baseball Memories? Being at the game on September 30, 2007 when the Phillies made it into the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. Being at the Phillies 10,000th loss on my birthday.
Any Final Words? I absolutely ADORE the Umpire Jim Wolf, who happens to be Dodgers pitcher Randy Wolf's older brother.

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